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FAQs ( X-One® Products )

【 X-One Screen Protector 】

1. Is my device screen unbreakable after using X One® Extreme Shock Eliminator/Armorvisor?

The concept of X One® Extreme series is to strengthen device’s screen toughness up to 5 times, lowering the probability of screen cracking by 70-80%. Although X One® Extreme Series is able to absorb and disperse impact; there are still unforeseeable circumstances that may cause screen to crack. There is still limitation for X One® Extreme Series. If the pressure exceeds the limitation, device’s screen may crack.


2. What it means by 3H/5H/7H/9H? Is X One® Extreme Series/Armorvisor easily scratched?

3H/5H/7H/9H represent the surface hardness of the screen protector. X One® Extreme Series has surface hardness up to 7H, which is the highest available for TPU film. It is completely normal to see dents or scratches on the screen protector if the protector is knocked through a sharp object or dropped onto stone surface as this is due to the nature of our polymer material. However, these dents does not affect your continues daily usage and the protector is still able to protect your phone screen. Unlike Tempered Glass, it will break or cracked when there is a sharp object hit over it. Although some may argue tempered glass having better performance in scratch resistance, it may not satisfy anyone for its capability in absorbing and dispersing shock/impact.


3. Is X One® Extreme Series on Samsung able to absorb or disperse impact as much as it is able to on Apple devices?

We will not recommend any demonstration actions to be practice by customers. Some Samsung devices may not be able to absorb or disperse so much shock, preventing screen from cracking. As for example, Samsung S6 Edge, S7 Edge, or S7, may be easier to crack, compared to flat screen devices like iPhones. Even with X One® Extreme Series screen protector on, impact/shock absorption and dispersion may only function up to 30-40% of its capability.


4. Im using (any) cases, is it compatible with your X One® Extreme Series/Armorvisor?

X One® Extreme/Armorvisor Series is relatively thin, thinner than most similar products in the market, therefore may not pose any problems with casings. However, X One® do not recommend customers to put on any casing with raised bezel designed. Raised bezel designed casing raises above the smartphone’s display screen as providing impact protection to smartphone, but it may peel off the screen protector.


5. Why is X One® Extreme Series/Armorvisor not available for some curved screen models such as S8/S8 Plus?

Due to the nature of X One® Extreme Series, it doesn’t fit with curved screens, only able to cover flat surfaces. The thinness and softness of Ultra Series that makes it suitable for curved screens, providing full coverage. What’s being traded-off is its capability of absorbing and dispersing impact.


6. Why do I need X One® Armorvisor instead of X One® Extreme Series?

Nowadays people are surrounded by blue light which is harmful to eyes and even human bodies, especially smartphones. X One® Armorvisor has the exact same protective function as X One® Extreme Series, adding on one more function which is filtering 90% of 380-420nm of blue-light. Therefore, X One® Armorvisor is able to not only protect your gadget’s screen, but also user’s eyes from harmful blue light.


7. What’s the difference of X One® Ultra Series from X One® Extreme/Armorvisor  Series?

X One® Ultra Series is designed to provide full coverage for curved screens such as Note 8, and Galaxy S8 so on. X One® Ultra Series is not able to absorb and disperse impact and shock, due to its thinness and softness. It is able to protect screen from minor scratches, provide very smooth touch sensation and retain HD clarity of device screens.


【 X-One Drop Guard Case 】

1. How protective is X.One® DropGuard Case?

Four sided edge guard and signature air-compartment design of our X.One® DropGuard Case gives a perfect 360° protection to your mobile phone. X.One® DropGuard Case has been tested on rough occasions, such as dropping the phone from approximately 5 metres height, and also dropping the phone down the staircase. The protective ability is proven as the phone performs normally after the demonstrations. There is no damage on the phone screen too.


2. Do you have X.One® DropGuard Case for other phone model?

Currently, we only have X.One® DropGuard Case for selected Apple and Samsung Series only. We offer X.One® DropGuard Case for that model right away for our customers.


3. Do you have any warranty for DropGuard case?

All X One® protective items such as casings and screen protectors do not have warranty (nation-wide only). They are served as sacrificial items in order to protect user’s gadgets, therefore cannot be claimed under warranty.

【 X-One Ultra Cable 】

1. Does the length of the cable affect the charging time?

X.One® Ultra Cable has a power supply terminal with 80 premium quality tinned copper wires, enabling current output up to 2.4A, giving high speed charging as compared to normal cables. X.One® Ultra Cable is slightly thicker in longer cables. This is to reduce the resistance of the power supply, thus, maintaining the charging speed in various lengths of X.One® Ultra Cable.


2. Will the cable part of both sides charging port break easily?

X.One® Ultra Cable has an interlocking dock design, makes it able to sustain extra forces of pulling. That is how X.One® Ultra Cable able to pass through demonstration test like towing a Hilux using X.One® Ultra Cable, and also various gym activities such as pulling up and lifting weights, all using X.One® Ultra Cable.


3. Does it support Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 2.0 and 3.0?

X.One® Ultra Cable has power supply terminal with 80 premium quality tinned copper wires, enables it to support Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 2.0 and 3.0. However, this feature is only compatible with high current chargers of 2.4A and above.


4. Is X.One® Ultra Cable fully compatible with iOS devices?

X.One® Ultra Cable is certified by Apple’s MFi Quality Certification Auto Upgrading, stable support from the iOS system. Therefore, it is fully compatible with any iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod etc. This avoids various incompatible issues. For example, receiving notification like “This cable or accessory is not certified”, unable to charge and transfer data through a computer, unable to charge after upgrading iOS system, overly tight or loose connector, or other issues that normal cables pose to users nowadays.


5. The fabric came off loose at the neck of the cable. Is it covered under warranty?

X One® Ultra Cable warranty policy does not cover cosmetic defects. Frays are certainly not covered as long as cable works perfectly. However, in rare cases where fabric came off lose from the neck part very shortly/before purchased, it can be claimed under warranty for reasonable issues.